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The following list of resources is provided as a convenience to our students. However, the Sacramento Sword School is not associated with any of the following vendors, and cannot provide any sort of guarantee about their products or prices.
We now have a textbook for what we teach in class: From the Page to the Practice, Fundamentals of Spanish Swordplay by Maestro Puck Curtis and Dr. Mary Dill Curtis. Available as an ebook from Freelance Academy Press.
A related work is the Memorial Of the Practice of the Montante written by Diogo Gomes de Figueyredo in 1651, republished in 2012 as a transcription and translation by Maestro Eric Myers with a history by Steve Hick. This Destreza based work on the Iberian greatsword is available for free from The Oakeshott Institute.
Any sort of thin, supple, leather glove will do, and these can often be found in garden stores. On the other hand, if you want a little more protection, you can buy padded ones such as these:
♦ Lightly padded gloves - Revival Clothing
♦ Lightly padded gloves - Revival Enterprises
♦ Very padded gloves - Revival Enterprises
Standard fencing jackets are acceptable, though we have a preference for lightly padded ones. Students at our school can wear any color jacket except black:
♦ Inexpensive back zip jacket - triplette.com
♦ Standard front zip jacket - triplette.com
♦ Very nice classical fencing jacket; can be custom tailored and/or padded - zenwarriorarmory.com
Any standard 3-weapon mask is acceptable, or more protective fencing helmets are available as well:
♦ Nice basic mask - zenwarriorarmory.com
♦ Many mask options - thefencingpost.com
♦ Very nice fencing mask alternative - horsebows.com
We use a number of different swords in class, here are a few:
♦ Hanwei Practical Cup Hilt - kultofathena.com
♦ Castille Armory Standard Cup Hilt - castillearmory.com
♦ Castille Armory Side Swords - castillearmory.com
♦ Darkwood Armory Destreza Trainer - darkwoodarmory.com
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